Urgent Prayer Request!

Yes my brothers and sisters! Let’s pray for this dear sister with her back against the Red Sea with Pharaoh’s army approaching fast and hard! In the Mighty Name of Jesus through His sinless blood we cry out Abba Father!! Our sister is in a dire situation that only by Your Mighty Hand can she be rescued from the forces of darkness. The prince of the power of the air has her in his claws bent on destroying her and her family. We ask You Father to part her Red Sea and make a pillar of fire to stop her enemies in their tracks! Father, rebuke the forces of evil that are bent on destroying her in the name of Jesus we ask! Amen.

Toni L Groves

I have an urgent prayer request. No one is sick. She is not from around here but she is like my family. She is in a situation that as a human I can see no way out of, and no way to help her. She is a Christian. She is solely dependent on God for her needs. And I promise when He does, she will give Him all the glory. Please pray for God to move in a mighty way.

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